Security for Places of Worship

Course presented by
Juri Kasemets, CD, P.Eng. M.Eng., MBA
President, EMG Explosives Management Group
Alex Goldstein, CPP, CISSO
Principal Consultant, GV Group

Course description
Reports of violence to places of worship and faith based organizations are on the rise. This is a 1-day course for religious leaders and persons in the business or entering the business of countering security threats to places of worship.  The focus will be on external threats leading to violence.  The initial response to disruption will be up to members of your security team.

Course outline
Morning 9:00 – 12:00 - General Security
Security challenges to places of worship
Vulnerability to violence – the ‘soft’ target
Surviving acts of violence - domestic, robbery, terrorism
Components of a security program: security committee, security assessments, security team, procedures and plans
Physical security, e.g., CCTV, locks, alarms, access control, lighting, landscaping
Developing Relationships with Police, Fire, and Emergency Services
Afternoon 1:00 – 4:00 – specific threats such as from explosives and active shooter
How threats are received (telephone, mail, person-to-person)
Managing bomb threats (search, evacuation, lockdown)
Suspicious packages
The active shooter
Developing a security checklist  
Training for security team and all worshippers (greeters, the first line of defence)