What We Do

EMG believes that preparedness (planning and training) is the key to a safe and secure work environment.   It is also the key to demonstrating due diligence.  Everything starts with our “Managing the Bomb Threat” course (the course outline is on this website).   The course reviews the experiences, lessons learned and recommendations from select authorities from around the world.  Who should attend?– security and safety managers, facility managers, contingency planners, reception/call centre managers, mailroom supervisors, in fact, anyone involved in any aspect of planning for or responding to a bomb threat.   The course is also a train-the-trainer course so that attendees can train mail room staff, organization security personnel or anyone who might receive a telephone threat.

EMG courses are available in two ways:
Open Registration Courses  -  The Managing the Bomb Threat, and Facility and Vehicle Search courses are held regularly across the country.   See the Course Schedules page for latest dates and locations along with costs.
On-Site Courses -  All courses can be delivered on an organization reserved basis.   Click on the link for more information.