"2-day Explosives and Active Threats course" Click here for details

"Security for Places of Worship" Click here for outline.

"Security Management and Explosive Threat Management " Click here for details.

"3-day comprehensive Managing Threats from Explosives" Click here for outline.

"Managing the Bomb Threat" is the main course. Click here for outline.

"IED Awareness" Click here for outline.

"Active Shooter and Recognizing Suspicious Activity" Click here for outline.

"Search Course Facility and Vehicle" Click here for outline.

"Threat Risk Assessment, Blast Mitigation and the Design-Basis Threat course" Click here for outline.

"Mail and Packages policy and procedures course " Click here for outline.

"Soft Target Security: threat and risk assessment, bomb threats and active shooter course" Click here for outline.

"Hostile Vehicle Mitigation course" Click here for outline.

"Regulating the Explosives Industries in Canada course" Click here for outline.

"Search Team Training" (half day or 1day)
Police will generally not search your facilities if a bomb threat has been received. It will be up to the company to conduct a search for the suspicious package. The course length will depend on client needs. A typical 1-day course consists of ½ day classroom and ½ day practical. The practical will reinforce the search techniques and a scenario will exercise the search team in conjunction with emergency operations centre personnel. Because search team members are volunteers it is essential that they be given training. Clients have also used the course to motivate personnel who have been unsure if they want to become volunteers for search teams

"Security Staff" (half day)
A course for ‘front-line’ security staff whether on contract or employed by the company. Recognition of explosives, signs of suspicion for packages and security staff role in a bomb threat scenario are emphasized in the course.

The following courses are also available. Course lengths will depend upon a client needs analysis.

"Vehicle Search" (restricted attendance) - to provide guidelines to the personnel of facility entry point security teams assigned the responsibility of assessing and inspecting incoming traffic for the presence of explosive threats (and other CBRN).

"Vessel Search" (restricted attendance) - to provide a structured training program to teach tactics, techniques and procedures for vessel inspection and operator/crew interviews in order to evaluate vessels for the presence of explosive threats (and other CBRN).

"Threat and Risk Assessment"How to perform a TRA

"Receiving the telephone threat"A short course for company receptionists or anyone who could receive a threat by telephone.