Welcome to EMG

Dedicated to helping you with training and planning for a suspicious package threat including bombing, attempted bombing and bomb threats.

EMG is a security management consulting company providing professional security services internationally, specializing in the threat from bombings, attempted bombings and bomb threats (whether real or hoax).   We are an acknowledged leader in the field. A client list is available on request.

Bombings, attempted bombings and bomb threats can cause disruption, fear, and (in extreme cases) panic in organizations if appropriate plans are not in place and if personnel are not properly trained.   The problem can not be ignored.

The value of our courses becomes apparent when you consider that preparedness can reduce injuries, reduce property damage, minimize lost time, reduce embarrassment, and demonstrates that management cares.

“The risk may appear low or even negligible, but the consequences of even one severe occurrence are so great that appropriate mitigating measures must be considered.” Source: The Protection of Federal Office Buildings Against Terrorism, May 1988.